Building Permit

Obtain Minor Building Permit - No Plans Required
Apply and pay for the following minor building permits that do not require plans to be submitted:
      •  Air Conditioning
      •  Electrical Panel Replacement
      •  EV Charger
      •  Furnace Replacement
      •  Roof Replacement (Reroof)
      •  Temporary Power
      •  Water Heater Replacement
      •  Water Pipes Replacement
Building Permit Application - Plans Required
Apply, enter plans link, and pay deposit for a building permit plan check submittals.
      •  Initial building permit submittal
      •  Resubmittal for plan check where comments have been provided from a previous submittal
      •  Issue permit and pay fees for a plan check that has been approved
      •  Revision submittal of revised plans after a building permit has been issued