Online Building and Planning Services

Building Permit
Apply for one of the permits below:
    •  Electrical Panel Replacement
    •  EV Charger
    •  Furnace Replacement
    •  Roof Replacement (Reroof)
    •  Temporary Power
    •  Water Heater Replacement
    •  Water Pipes Replacement

For all other projects, plans need to be submitted at City Hall for building permit plan review.
Please see the Building Permit Application and Building Permit Submittal Requirements
information provided at:

Building Plan Check Status
Search plan check Status by project number or address.

Building Inspection Scheduling
Schedule an inspection with a project number or address.

Planning Permit Application
Apply for a planning permit that requires .pdf files for city staff to review.

Planning Tree Removal Permit Application
Apply for a tree removal permit that does not need a Site and Architectural Commission review.